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EOFY SALE - 15% off storewide. Excludes items already on sale. At checkout use code: EOFY15

Lively Living Stress Essential Oil Blend

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10ml  – 100% Certified Organic Essential Oil Blend.

This Stress Essential Oil Blend by Lively Living contains certified organic specifically created for when you and your family are seeking focused support in areas that matter most.

There are many situations in daily life which place demands on you and may lead you to feeling stressed.

Stress if left unchecked, can lead to many health concerns, and may affect your body, thoughts, mood, feelings and behaviour. During periods of elevated stress, one may also feel anxious.

Aromatherapy is often used as a natural remedy to relieve stress and anxiety. Our Stress Release Blend will help to support the nervous system and reduce feelings of irritability, nervous tension and panic, providing a sense of calm and comfort.

This Stress Essential Oil Blend is great support for:

  • worries
  • distress
  • anxiousness

Essential Oils in this Blend

This Stress Essential Oil Blend combines 4 powerful oils brought together specifically for their combined effects. These oils all compliment and bring out the best qualities in each other. This 15ml Certified Organic, essential oil blend contains:

  • Lavender - is a proven effective natural remedy for treating the signs of stress and anxiety.
  • Mandarin - one of the best essential oils to relieve feelings of nausea, commonly related to stress.
  • Ylang ylang -used for centuries for the treatment of anxiety and nervous tension. Has a sweet, floral uplifting aroma.
  • Patchouli – assist to gain feelings of peace

Ways to use this essential oil blend

With their superior quality and powerful aromas – you only need a few drops to unleash their benefits.