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$25 OFF ORDERS OVER $125 (excludes items on sale) - USE CODE AT CHECKOUT: 25FORU
$25 OFF ORDERS OVER $125 (excludes items on sale) - USE CODE AT CHECKOUT: 25FORU

Strucket - Soak Strainer Bucket

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The Strucket bucket is "For anyone, with anything to soak".

Just like a normal bucket (but better), Soak, separate and drain. The Australian designed and made Strucket makes soaking and cleaning messy items easy.  It has two separate sections - an outer bucket and inner strainer that stacks onto the outer bucket to strain any dirty soaked items or even to soak fruit and vegetables!  And no need to ever touch the dirty water as there is a spout built into the bottom for easy drainage (it even pops back into the bucket for easy storage).

From soaking dirty sheets, cloth nappies, bibs and baby clothes to cleaning rags, sterilising toys, washing fruit and vegetables in one go. Toilet Training, anything that may need soaking for stain removals to cleaning paint brushes, soaking baking trays to cleaning golf balls - the Strucket has endless uses.

  • Available in 6 colours, plus two new limited edition colours - Lavender and Buttermilk
  • Australian Made and Designed
  • Has and outer bucket and inner strainer
  • The built-in draining spout that is easily pushed in and out of the bucket for easy storage
  • Use the outer bucket to water plants easily utilising the spout
  • 19L capacity -  designed to fit inside your laundry sink
  • Dimension of outer bucket (L,W,H): 37 x 31 x 28 cm
  • Ergonomic Handles make lifting the soaker section easy to use
  • Simply pull the strainer from the bucket and clip into place on the outer bucket to strain
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