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girls responsibilities chart - owl #2Praising a child helps to encourage and motivate them. Plus using a reward chart proves as a strong incentive to recognise and encourage positive behaviours and remember to do tasks required of them, complete homework etc.  It really is a powerful parenting tool.  Getting the kids to help around the house teaches them responsibility, giving them self-confidence and is of course so very helpful for you!  It may surprise you what the children are actually capable of. Choose a design and print.  Laminate the chart if you can (or place in a plastic sleeve) so you can reuse each week.  Keep the chart in the kid's bedroom, or in an area that you won't forget about them.  Place a sticker on the chart as soon as good behaviour is noticed or tasks are completed.  You will see that the child will start behaving better so they can receive a sticker and the praise from their parents.  Repeated week after week, these new habits should come naturally and boost their self-esteem.

Kids Reward Charts

category buttons - reward chart category buttons - chore chart category buttons - responsibility chartcategory buttons - sleepign chart category buttons - growing nails chart category buttons - brushing teeth chartcategory buttons - toilet training

Kids Chart Themes

images - animals images - fairies images - insects images - monster images - owls images - princess images - robots images - trucks images - vehicles Tips on using a reward charts:
  • Focus on the child's good behaviour and rewarding them for it, don't take away well-earned marks
  • Praise your child as soon as you notice the behaviour or task completed
  • Encourage good manners
  • Encourage simple tasks like properly brushing teeth, leaving their bedroom neat and tidy before school
  • Allow your child to place on their sticker, or mark the chart as soon as their task is complete or good behaviour is recognised.
Read through this great list of age appropriate chores for kids. There are many different designs to choose from for both boys and girls.  Transport, silly monsters, super hero turtles to princesses, cute animals and so much more. All reward charts are an instant download so you can purchase, print and start using within minutes.