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DOWNLOAD: Household Budget Spreadsheet

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An easy to use family household budget for Microsoft Excel is an essential tool for all families that are serious about tracking their spending and wanting to save. This spreadsheet will help you compare your actual spending to your intended budget each month.

Keep on top of your finances with this Household Budget template!

This budget template is essential for any busy family wanting to have a better understanding of where their money is going. All of the hard work has been done you!

All that’s left for you to do is download the template, fill it in and start saving!
Please Note: This is a digital file that will be available for download after purchase and is only compatible with Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet is set up for the Australian $$ and can not be changed for other currencies.

How to use

  • This budget is an excel spreadsheet that you input all your data into, it comes with easy to understand instructions.
  • This digital product is available in .xlsx format.  To open this file you will need Excel (this file is not supported with Mac Numbers program).
  • Very easy to use by simply inputting the numbers.  All formulas and graphs are programmed in.
  • You can personalise each sheet by adding in your own descriptions.
  • This digital product is available in .xlsx format.  To open this file you will need Excel.


If you don't have a lot of time you can use the 'basic budget' sheet to create a quick and easy budget. With the option to select the frequency that you receive the income or pay the expense and the amount for that period in the amount column.  This sheet also includes a graph that will automatically show you your average monthly summary and a yearly summary of your income and spending.

This 'budget by month' is still very easy to use, but helps you to create a more detailed 12-month budget as there may be months that some expenses are higher than others.  Eg, I find that in winter months our electricity bill is a little higher as we use the heater more often.  Add in the amounts you expect to receive or spend under the relevant month.  A graph will then show you your budget summary and spending summary for a particular month or the entire year.

The amounts entered into this sheet are automatically added to the 'Budget versus Actuals' tab which will then easily allow you to compare your actual income and expenditure to your original budget.

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This is where you type in all your actual income and expenditure on a monthly basis. It's great to keep track of even the littlest of things, eg how much you spend on takeaway coffee each week, as the littlest of things always add up.  The graph will then show you the actual summary and spending summary for a particular month or the entire year.

All the data for this sheet is automatically added from previous data you have added from the Budget by Month and Actuals by Month tabs.  Use this sheet to see how your income and expenditure is tracking compared to your budget for a particular month or the entire year.  The graphs will show you whether you have any cost savings or are overspending and in which areas this is.

  • This product is for personal use only, not to be shared or reproduced and is copyright © The Organised Housewife.  All rights reserved.
  • No refunds are available on digital products.
  • This product is password protected.  This is to prevent accidental deletion of cell formulas and the security of our product.  The password cannot be provided.

Spreadsheet Licence Agreement

The Organised Housewife grants usage of this budgeting spreadsheet under the following terms and conditions:

  • After purchasing and downloading the spreadsheet from, the purchaser is granted a licence to use this product
  • The "Licensee" may make copies of this product for the purpose of creating a backup copy
  • This file shall not be transferred to a non-licensee without the written consent from

Limitation of Liability

The Organised Housewife will not be held liable for damages in the event of, but not limited to inaccurate assumptions, calculation errors, software, hardware, assumptions, calculation errors, software, hardware, data and network failure and profit, savings or losses as a result of using this spreadsheet.


This is a digital product = Purchase + Download + Print instantly.

This is a digital product, no physical item will be posted to you.  Because it is a digital download, you won’t have to pay for delivery or wait days for it to arrive. You can download the file from the checkout page or via the email sent to your inbox.

Please save the file direct to your computer, as your download link will expire.

Frequently Asked Questions's

This is a digital product, no physical item will be posted to you. You can download the file from the checkout page or via the email sent to your inbox. Please save the file direct to your computer.

Once you have downloaded the file from checkout or your email inbox save file to your computer. Once you save to your computer you can then open and print the file as many times as you need.

The file sent to you is a PDF. To open the PDF you will need Adobe Reader (Adobe Reader is a free & safe download).

No. We are grateful for you wanting to share the printable with your friends, we would appreciate that you didn't and instead please direct your friend to support our small business and purchase the file themselves.

All our files are suitable for standard A4 pages - 210 x 297mm

Being our digital products can be instantly downloaded after purchase, we have a strict no refund policy.

No, if you would like a new design you will have to purchase the new design.

Yes, you can download this file 2 times before the link expires. This is why it is important to save to your computer so you can easily access in the future.

Please get in contact with our customer service team and we can assist you further.

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You do not need a password to open, print or save the file. We have put password protection on the file for copyright protection, which restricts copying and pasting images or text from the file.


This product is for personal use only. Not to be shared or reproduced. Copyright © The Organised Housewife.  All rights reserved. No refund is available on digital products. Colour may vary slightly between the printed item and computer monitor.