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Kids Routine Charts - Evening

Kids Routine Charts - Evening

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Create a routine using charts to help remind the kids of what they need to do at bedtime.

This Evening Routine chart will help remind the kids of tasks that are required each evening when they are getting ready for bed. Print, laminate (optional) and blu-tak to the wall for them to view. 

Bedtime can be a stressful time of the evening for the whole family, with young ones being tired, throwing tantrums or just plain refusing to go to bed. It doesn't have to be that way; all you need is to create a routine for the kids to learn.

Stop repeating yourself. This visual aide allows them to refer to it freely and is a reminder of their required tasks. Once it's bedtime ask them to check the chart and complete the tasks. Soon, it it will become predictable and a habit for them.

Version variations

Please note charts may vary in images ie, pink & purple shows a girl and blue shows a boy. 

  • Version 1 - Tidy Bathroom
  • Version 2 - Complete Tasks
  • Version 3 - Different images

Learn more about routines

About creating routines:

How to use

Print, laminate and place on the wall in an area where the kids can easily see it. Or place it in an A4 frame and hang it on the wall. 

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