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EOFY SALE - 15% off storewide. Excludes items already on sale. At checkout use code: EOFY15

Moving Home Planner with Checklist

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It’s no secret that moving house is a very stressful task! So do yourself a favour and make it as easy as possible with this detailed planner. It’s amazing how much stress you can reduce by organising yourself now to make the move easier later on. There is a lot going on around the time of a move, which is why this planner prompts all of the little things your mind is too busy to think about.

Not a single detail is missed in this elaborate planner. It includes specific checklists, room-layout plans, important date schedules and more!  

Included in this pack

  • Checklists – 6 week countdown moving home checklist
  • Important Details – pages to list down all important details, such as moving day, time, your new address, phone number and more
  • Bland Calendar – blank calendar to keep track of important dates
  • Essentials Pack List – list of items to have in an essentials pack.  An essentials pack is a group of items to have on hand at the new home, just in case it’s too late to unpack boxes, you have everything you need for a comfortable night's rest.
  • Disconnections – list to keep track of utility companies you need to arrange for disconnection and reconnect to the new home
  • Change of address – list of services you need to contact and notify of your change of address
  • Cleaning Checklist – cleaning checklist, is especially handy if you are renting
  • To-do list – blank to-do lists for old and new home
  • Contact Details – contact details, keep all contact numbers handy
  • Room Planner – room planner to keep track of what you need to do in new rooms, along with an area to list paint colours
  • Room Layout – room layout planner, 10mm grid to help you plan the layout of your rooms
  • Door Signs – tape or blu-tak the signs to doors in the new home to removalists know which room is which (colour coded)
  • Packing Labels – print and tape the labels to your packing boxes, note what is in the box in case you need something before you have finished unpacking.  Labels colours match door signs so removalists can easily drop boxes into the correct room
  • More Labels– Fragile, open first and storage labels, print and tape to boxes

Spend less time drowning in stress and overwhelm and more time focusing on the exciting changes that are ahead with this Moving Home Planner!  

This is a digital product = Purchase + Download + Print instantly.